'Dubai, for me, a photographers dream place to be !'

There's so may contrasting subjects to photograph, whether it's the dazzling buildings or the stunning sand dunes, the local bedouins or shooting stars ! Charlotte Simpson  

shooting the stars

Henrik Stenson


'A total privilege to have been the chosen photographer for Henrik and Emma's wedding. Followed by new baby shoots and more new baby shoots! A really lovely family to work with!'

Gordon Ramsay


'Lovely man to work with, and no he didn't swear at me once!  I had the pleasure of photographing him whist he was with the Hilton hotel at Verre Restaurant.'

Santo Versace


'I remember when I was called by a client who needed a celebrity photographer in Dubai around December time to take some 'Santa' shots at the construction site of  the Versace Hotel??  Celebrity -  Santa??.. well I turn up there and I'm not shooting Santa and his sleigh ...but Santo Versace and his Bentley!'

Only in Dubai !

So if you are looking for a celebrity photographer who is confident working with the stars ...or if you need a VVIP photographer in Dubai - please feel free to call me directly 0504283660

Boy George


'Being the official photographer for GEMs Events  - gave me such great access to Boy George !'

Peter Hansen


'Another celebrity golfer gave me the pleasure of working with him and his family.' 

Paul Silky Jones


'World Champion boxer Paul 'Silky' Jones was great fun to work with and OMG does this guy know how to skip at a million jumps a minute!! Made me feel super un-fit working with him!'