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Hotshots Dubai provides family photo shoots at family prices. Creative affordable family photo shoots.


Additional Information

The price above is based on a group  of five persons...additional Dhs 100 will be charged per extra person who you wish included in the shoot. All of the images you recieve from HotShots can be printed directly with a printer by yourselves, saving you even more money!  

We can even recommend where to get canvas or acrylic images made if you want something in a bigger format.

Please note : All the selected images will have had basic editing done to them,  this includes cropping and brightening if necessary. 

Final retouching can be done on selected images by our specialised editor if required. The price per shot for detailed retouching is dependant on the amount of time that is needed per image. 

If you are printing through hotShots the retouching is inclusive.

'If you are looking for a Dubai photographer - make sure you know in advance 

what you will receive after the shoot as some may provide a 'free' sitting but charge you for the shots after which can work out to be  pretty pricey! 

Please see our Facebook page for our customer feedback! 

includes free framed A4 print

Includes the following:

A one hour photo shoot       

A minimum of 24 high resolution images  

edited in colour and bw

Dhs 950 plus vat 

email us your enquiry
 Creative, affordable photographer Charlotte Simpson captures babies of all ages.

Newborn shoot

Congratulations on your new baby!

Life changing and wonderful times ahead ! 

With newborn shoots we generally go over the time of a one hour's shoot.

 A new baby has no routine and so we quite often go with the flow too ! 

Using various props and studio lighting set ups - 

we aim to give you as many lovely poses as possible. 

Priced as per  Family Shoot above.

A minimum of 24 high resolution images  

edited in colour and bw

Dhs 950 plus vat  




beach photographer holiday in Dubai photo shoot

From the famous Burj Al Arab beach to the rustic fishing villages, rocky harbour or pretty coves

Let's have some fun!

Are you having a family gathering in Dubai ? why not make it a day to remember with a family photo shoot on the beach with Charlotte from Hotshots Dubai

In this exotic city we call our home for now, 

enjoy a beach shoot with all your family! 

Be prepared to walk, run, jump and maybe even get a little wet! 

Nothing more fun than a family water fight at the end of the session - so bring some towels just in case!

Call us on 0504283660

Beach Shoot

A beach photo shoot with hotshots Dubai is fun!

Includes the following:

Early morning or late afternoon shoots only 

Includes the following: 

Enjoy a one hour beach shoot. 

(the perfect way to capture family get togethers!)  

A minimum of 48 high resolution images, edited in colour + bw

Dhs 1500 + vat 

We also shoot in the park and the souq if you're looking for a different look!


Let's go !

A photoshoot in the desert is the most beautiful shoot way to capture your stay in Dubai - with Charlotte Simpson. Creative Affordable Photographer.

Drive out to some of the finest dunes in Dubai. Even bring  a picnic! 

The rich orange sand  makes a fabulous backdrop to capture unique memories of where we live

Ready, Steady, Go!

 Dubai photographer Charlotte Simpson captures fun photoshoot anywhere!  affordable yet creative photography in Dubai.

And be prepared to run, jump, chase and have some fun!

Sisters in the dunes  - captured by Charlotte Simpson from Hotshots Dubai

Or just relax and enjoy watching the colours of the sand turn gold to grey,  as the sun sets down and casts it's shade.

Truly a magical shoot and a wonderful way to remember your time in the Middle East.

Corporate Shoot

How we work

As every corporate shoot is different, we generally find out what you require and quote accordingly.  

CALL 0504283660

Product shoot

Call us to discuss your product shoot.  We will endeavour to send you a quotation that suits your budget.  And provide you with creative retouched images that will be ready to use for all your media. 

CALL US ON +971504283550


We aim to make our food shots look good enough to eat!

do you need a food photographer? Food photography should look good enough to eat. contact Charlotte Simpson at HotShots Dubai +971504283660

Fresh, creative food shots

fresh fish by Dubai photographer Charlotte Simpson  at HotShots Dubai

Professional family photographer in Dubai for

creative,  affordable photography,  with no copyright!

Interior photography for Gordon Ramsay's Verre Restaurant in the Hilton Creek

And we will capture your restaurant creatively too !

Call us +971504283660

Interior shoots

With all of the state of the art interior and exterior designs now showcased  in Dubai, we are so privileged to be able to work with some of the finest architects in the region.

Capturing the areas in every detail we can see, using various lighting techniques and first class editing staff, we will deliver the project as beautifully as we see it. 

Bentley showroom Dubai interiors by BlueHaus and photographer Charlotte Simpson from Hotshots Dubai.
Bentley showroom Dubai interiors by BlueHaus and photographer Charlotte Simpson from Hotshots Dubai.

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