Lloyd’s Small Business Awards (www.sba.ae)

What a great way to end the year for Hotshots Dubai. Winning the Lloyds TSB – Links Group Entrepreneurial Start - Up Award. When I saw the Lloyds ad promoting the Small Buisness Awards – I thought well you can’t get much smaller than the team at Hotshots which was then myself and a part time editor hence I applied. And if anyone had said to me that when I started officially just over a year ago – that I would be winning an award in front of 500 people – I would have said they were nuts!

Applying online was the first step – then being short listed out of 170 applicants the next stage was presenting to a panel of 17 judges – Why your company deserved to win ( very nerve wracking !!) and subsequently answering a number of questions from the judges…and submitting a very detailed business plan ( about 100 pages!!).

Hotshots was then short listed to win three categories:

- Best Customer Service
- Best Creative Campaign and
- Best Entrepreneurial Start up Award.

Two months later the stage was set literally – at Emirates Towers…with 500 people attending! No pressure! And having flown my dad over, a second generation photographer…I had more than hoped we’d win!
Just copy and paste the link attached to see the ceremony.