Charlotte Simpson

Our mission statement should say it all.
HotshotsDubai for creative, yet affordable photography with no copyright.

How many times have you had stunning images of you and your family taken only to be told that you cannot have them on cd. And if you want to buy any images - you need to go to the bank to take out a loan!

Not with HotShotsDubai!


At award winning Hotshots Dubai - we embrace the age of digital photography where there are no high costs anymore, no developing fees etc. You pay us already to take the contemporary images and then we give them to you all edited by our inhouse D&AD award winning graphic designer, on a hi res cd for you to share and enjoy. Maybe one of the reasons Hotshots Dubai recently won the Lloyds TSB Best Entrepreneurial award - a photographer with no copyright is quite unique.

Our work is mostly by referrals - search photographer on for example. We hope that by doing a great job for you - you will promote us to your friends, that way we don’t have to advertise and we can remain affordable! And keep capturing the moments for you to share.


Call us today on 050 4283660 for more info on your photographic requirements.